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Thursday, 18 May 2023

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Technology & Inclusion

hackher_ is the most important Italian event dedicated to gender equality and continues its efforts in 10 Italian and 10 European cities, thanks to the Patronage of the European Parliament and the support of major brands.

hackher_ aims to break down the significant professional gender gap in the hightech sector with a project with a double value. On the one hand, it wants to bring as many girls (more than 100 in each city) as possible closer to the IT world through a technological project that sees them try their hand at a fascinating challenge; on the other hand, it leaves room for a discussion on gender equality issues in a panel composed of role models with apex roles in the world of entrepreneurship, institutional and corporate representatives.

hackher_ pursues ideals of inclusion by combating all forms of gender discrimination and appeals to anyone who believes it is important to leave the next generation a society based on gender equality. The girls involved have the unique opportunity to experience firsthand the birth and development of a technology project, overturning the false belief that STEM subjects are only the preserve of men, so that the choice of university path is the result of a real personal inclination capable of breaking the glass ceiling and gender stereotypes.

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Under the high patronage of the European Parliament

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